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Only an ID-IoT can save us now

Only an ID-IoT can save us now

Industrial designers (ID) working in IoT & UX can create quality products or service experiences that become essential to our survival.

Slicing the cake

The techies are having a field day with IoT generating an incredible amount of big data, but little has been said about the quality of that data.

The Four V’s of IoT: Veracity or quality of data is often overlooked.

Big data is incredibly valuable in being able to gain insights into how people interact with a service or product and defines a clear path on what improvements need to be made in the next-gen versions. Recent efforts have been put into how to analyze the data, slice it in different ways to reveal the otherwise hidden insights from within. There is some amazing analytical and graphical work resulting from this from talents such as Fernanda Viégas and Stamen. I see this as the extension of the work done by my favorite data visualization designer Edward Tufte.

But it doesn’t matter how you slice the cake if the ingredients are wrong.

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Garbage in Garbage out “GIGO” — Image by TEAMS

Remember GIGO?

“Garbage In Garbage Out” referred to the fact that the quality of the output of a computer is confined to the quality of data input by the user.

If the way a person interacts with a product is not intuitive or natural, the data we’re tracking will be unnatural too, and dangerously misleading. It’s like analyzing a caged animal to find out how it hunts. If we base our new products and services on this false data we’ll create misguided solutions that again generate further misleading data. It’s an incredibly expensive mistake I see many companies are already making. So how do we get quality data from IoT products?

Enter the ID-IoT

This is where industrial designers (ID) working in IOT can User Experience Design processes (UXD) to create a quality product or service experiences that …become essential to our survival. Tapping into the user’s innate needs and emotions they can create interactions that are not just intuitive but also enjoyable, even delightful.

The data we get from quality interactions is no less than magical.

The brand that holds this high-quality data can create new products that will put them eons ahead of their competitors, who may be building upon bad data and heading entirely the wrong way.

Full disclosure, I am an ID-IoT (Industrial Designer of IoT). Based upon our recent IoT work at TEAMS I see a huge opportunity for the companies that understand how the quality of the product has a direct effect on the quality of the (big) data, and thus of the success of the brand as a whole. It only takes an ID-IoT to know this!

This article was written by Paul Hatch, TEAMS Design Chicago CEO. Originally published on

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