North American Design — Graphic by TEAMS inspired by “The Toy” by Ray and Charles Eames

How does culture affect the design philosophy in a place? — German vs. North American Design. (Part II)

Insights from different angles and inspiring points of view

North American Design

“North American design pushes the boundaries of what is probable in the name of what is possible.”

The Eames speakers designed for Stephens Trusonic — Image from

“…The Eames’ design is clearly rooted in its era, channeling the joy and anxieties of the time into bold, playful, yet iconic choices that are still rooted in some of the authenticity and minimalism of their former Bauhaus teachers”.

So, where do those design values come from?

Loewy’s Pennsylvania Railway trains & Henry Dreyfuss’s Hoover — Images:
Bel Geddes motor car — Image:

“Today while there are still some regional or local preferences on design, user-centered design and the application of design thinking have gone global. We look to the brand and the needs of the end-users to shape the function and aesthetic”.



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