Illustration of the city with today’s transportation possibilities.
Illustration of the city with today’s transportation possibilities.
Urbanization & mobility — Illustration by TEAMS

Commuting experiences in the age of urbanizations

Megacities and mobility demands of commuters around the globe.

Global urbanization is occurring and is predicted to continue in the future. How we live our lives in the megacities of the future is the question we are now pondering. Urbanization requires smart solutions to keep the time spent on living, commuting and working just as efficient as stress-free. We believe that the average day-to-day commute will be a key experience for us to optimize, to ensure happiness. Nowadays exist many different mobility solutions such as light-mobility, car sharing, public transportation, yet most of these solutions are not fulfilling the dream of efficient, affordable and hassle-free commutes.

Mobility as an experience is not only about the vehicle or a public transportation system but it is everything we feel, see and interact with from a city road to the elevator that brings us to our destination.

We are looking at these touchpoints from two different perspectives. The first perspective is human-centered, using empathy to optimize our daily life. The second perspective is a holistic ecosystem of services our clients offer. Both perspectives are important to design an effortless and seamless experience.

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Commuting solutions — Illustration by TEAMS

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